The Christ Hymn EP

by Hope College Worship

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Original worship songs from the HCW team inspired by Philippians 2:5-11 written during the 2017-18 school year.

Every year students on our worship teams spend a portion of their time writing original songs. This helps us to balance out our worship diet primarily playing songs written by songwriters and contexts that feel far away from ours. Students benefit from being able to watch a song grow from a prompt, to a seedling of a song, onto the process of arranging, recording, mixing, etc. This is the 4th original compilation of songs.

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Produced by Bruce Benedict for Hope College Campus Ministries
Engineered by Jack Miller('18) and Miranda Craig ('19).
Mixed by Paul Chamness and Drew Elliot
Mastered by Drew Elliot (Hope College)
Art & Design by Blake Johnson ('17)


released April 27, 2019

(c) 2018 Hope College Worship


all rights reserved



Hope College Worship Holland, Michigan

A collection of albums released by Hope College Campus Ministries that record the work of God through music and worship -
mostly recorded live in Dimnent Chapel.

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Track Name: Anna Kate Peterson - Heaven
O humble God,
teach us to be more like you
O merciful God,
Light our path to adore you
O the lamb was slain
The grace poured crimson river
O praise his name
God clothed in flesh for our sake

In Heaven, on Earth, and below the dirt.

O boastful man,
Count others higher than you
Look at His hands
Is that not enough for you?
Oh God above
Come Lord your day is at hand
Rejoice and be glad
Jesus sits at the right hand

Children of God
Hold fast to the word of life
Twisted age
In which you’ll shine like lamp light
O Christ the judge
Have mercy on our wrong ways
Christ is Lord
The name above every name
Track Name: Miranda Craig - Confess Him Now
At the name of Jesus
Every knee should bow
His name is over every name
So for the Father's glory confess him now
Jesus Christ is LORD

One with God yet born a man
Our savior Christ came down
He served the world with human hands
Though he deserved a crown

Jesus left his heaven home
And humbly came to earth
He carried our pain in his bones
That we may have new birth

Jesus made himself nothing
By pouring out everything
Though equal with God
He died on a cross

Now he lives and he reigns on high
Now he lives and he reigns on high
Track Name: Kennadi Hawes - To Glory
With God, Christ shared utmost divinity
But putting aside equality
He left his throne, became our own
Laying aside his glory

Fully God, he entered humanity
Fully man and deity
Servant, faithful, humbled One
Serving the Father’s glory

He dwelt with men, our sin and our brokenness
Breaking bread in fellowship
Our feet he washed, our hearts he cleansed
Inviting us into glory

Hallelujah what a Savior
Hallelujah praise the name
Of the one who gave it all
To redeem and bring us into glory

Blameless One, he bore our iniquities
And carried our cross to Calvary
The Lamb of God, in place of men
Exiled from God’s glory

Then God exalted Christ to the highest place
And gave Him the name above all names
That every tongue confess Him Lord
Fully restored to glory
Track Name: Mikayla Battistone - Like You
You took the nature of a servant
being made in human likeness
You humbled yourself to a prisoner’s death
A death on a cross

We lift You high, we praise your name
for You died for our namesake
Every knee bowed, every hand raised
we proclaim You’re Christ our Lord

May we live like you
May we love like you do
May we humble ourselves like you,
Jesus like You
Track Name: Anna Kate Peterson - In All Things
In all things I will rejoice.
The well runs dry still will I, rejoice.
You heal my heart and soul,
You mend me, make me whole

When I can’t lift my face,
You meet me in my place.
I ask where are your hands
You’ve counted all the strands

Dear God, what should I do
You always come through.
Jesus, Jesus.

In all things I will rejoice
The well runs dry still I’ll rejoice
Even when I can’t find my voice
In all things I will rejoice

You were the form of God
You emptied down to us
A servant and a man
The lion and the lamb

You died upon the cross
Became sin for us
Every knee shall bow
All tongues shout out
Jesus, Jesus.

I pray, God’s grace and peace
For you your joy completes
Oh Christ, who reigns above
Lead us in humble love

Send down your righteousness
That day we’ll be blameless
To God praise and glory
For all eternity
Jesus, Jesus
Track Name: Miranda Craig - Philippians 2:5-11
Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus
Who though He was in the form of God
Did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited
But emptied Himself

Taking the form of a slave
And being found in human likeness and being found in human form
He humbled Himself
And became obedient to the point of death